Welcome to My Website!


Hi there! I'm Arun Thiruthanikan, a vibrant and inquisitive Grade 12 student with a burning passion for the realms of technology and creativity. My world orbits around a mix of interests, ranging from the intricacies of computer software and hardware to the boundless wonders of space and space technology.

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Robotics captivates my imagination, where I find joy in bringing machines to life. Yet, my curiosity doesn't stop at the mechanical. I am equally fascinated by the natural world, delving into the study of soils and plants, understanding their secrets and wonders.

But life isn't all science and technology for me. I am deeply rooted in the arts, finding expression and solace in drama, dance, and music. The rhythmic beats of the tabla and the soulful melodies of bhajans resonate with my cultural heritage and artistic spirit.

This website is a canvas of my journey, showcasing a spectrum of projects, experiences, and dreams. Each page is a reflection of my dedication and enthusiasm, whether it's a software project, a robotic creation, a theatrical performance, or a musical rendition.

I invite you to explore my world, a unique blend of tech and art, science and culture. Whether you're a fellow enthusiast, a potential collaborator, or simply here out of curiosity, I am excited to share my adventures and discoveries with you. Let's connect and inspire each other on this fascinating journey!