Welcome to my portfolio! Here, I present a collection of my most significant projects and achievements that span across various fields of interest. From technological innovations to creative expressions, each project reflects a part of my journey and the skills I've honed along the way.

Arduino Temperature and Humidity Sensor Project

arduino temperature and humidity sensor project

Purpose and Functionality

This project is centered around an Arduino-based temperature and humidity sensor. Designed to provide real-time environmental data, the device uses a combination of sensors and Arduino circuitry to accurately measure and display the temperature and humidity levels in a room. The unique aspect of this project is the integration of LED indicators, programmed to flash green, yellow, or red. These colors correspond to researched safe values of temperature and humidity for human comfort and health.

Personal Need and Solution

The inspiration for this project stemmed from my personal experience. Spending extensive hours working on my computer in my room, I often found myself unaware of the gradual increase in temperature and humidity. This not only hampered my ability to work efficiently but also affected my health. To address this issue, I designed the Arduino Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This device not only informs me of the environmental conditions but also acts as a guideline to take corrective actions like adjusting the air conditioning or opening a window.

Hardware and Software

The core of this project lies in the Arduino microcontroller, chosen for its versatility and ease of use. Temperature and humidity are measured using the DHT11. This sensor was selected for its accuracy and reliability. The LED indicators are programmed through the Arduino platform. The color-coding (green, yellow, red) is based on researched thresholds that define comfortable and safe environmental conditions for humans.

Obstacles Overcome

One of the challenges faced during this project was calibrating the sensor to ensure accurate readings. This required thorough testing and adjustment of the sensor settings. Programming the LED indicators to reflect accurate environmental conditions was another learning curve. It involved not just coding but also understanding the environmental science behind temperature and humidity levels.


This project is a perfect example of how technology can be applied to solve real-life problems. It not only enhanced my technical skills in working with Arduino and sensors but also gave me a practical tool to improve my work environment and health. This device is a testament to my interest in applying technological solutions to everyday challenges.

Junior Full-Stack Development Experience

Role and Contributions

Joined Kuber Mortgage Investment Corporation as a Junior Full Stack Developer, a role that expanded from a summer internship to a continuing part-time position. My responsibilities span across both front-end and back-end development.

Employee Task and Data Access Web Application

Functionality: Developed an internal website for company employees to manage tasks and access data. Skills Applied: Used Bootstrap for responsive design, and a combination of C#, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for front-end development. Employed Microsoft SQL Server for back-end data management. Interactive Data Table for Real-Time Data Management

Role: Implemented data retrieval from SQL Server to the front-end and created an interactive data table using JavaScript. Challenges: Focused on user-friendly and secure data interaction, allowing authorized modifications. Client Conversation Logging and Filtering System (Ongoing)

Current Project: Developing a system to log client conversations and filter past interactions between partners and borrowers. Technical Approach: Concentrating on complex data management and logical application for efficient communication tracking. Impact: Aiming to enhance client relationship management through improved access to historical conversation data. Version Control and Collaboration

Git and GitHub

Throughout my tenure, I consistently used Git and GitHub for version control and collaborative development. This not only ensured efficient tracking of changes and project versions but also facilitated seamless collaboration with other developers. Leveraging these tools, I was able to contribute to code repositories, review code modifications, and merge feature branches into the main project, maintaining code integrity and continuity. Skills and Technologies

Technical Expertise

Proficient in front-end technologies including C#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, and in back-end management with Microsoft SQL Server. Gained practical experience in using Git and GitHub for version control and collaborative coding, essential for modern software development environments.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

This experience has been instrumental in sharpening my full-stack development skills and understanding the dynamics of financial technology. Each project underlined the importance of creating user-centric, efficient solutions, and adapting to the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Space and Space Technology

Early Fascination

My passion for the cosmos has been a guiding star in my life, beginning in childhood with awe-inspiring nights spent at Torrance Barrens Night Sky Reserve. The mysteries of space, from constellations to nebulae, have always held a profound allure for me.

Diverse Observational Experiences

Beyond Torrance Barrens, I expanded my astronomical explorations to Lake Superior. The pristine and vast expanse of this location offered a new perspective and a clearer view of the night sky, further fueling my fascination with celestial bodies. At Lake Superior, my observations included not just constellations and nebulae, but also meteor showers and rare astronomical events, providing me with a broader understanding of the night sky's dynamics.

Observational Studies at Diverse Locations

Torrance Barrens and Lake Superior: My experiences at these two distinct locations have been instrumental in honing my observational skills. I've engaged in identifying and tracking celestial phenomena, enhancing my practical knowledge in astronomy.

Educational Pursuits: Motivated by these observational experiences, I've pursued informal education in space science, expanding my theoretical understanding to complement my practical skills.


Looking ahead, I aspire to delve deeper into the field of astronomy and space technology. Whether through academic research, or contributing to technological advancements, I aim to play a part in unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Reflecting on my journey from Torrance Barrens to Lake Superior, I see a path marked by curiosity, wonder, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge about the cosmos.

telescope image

Soil and Plant Exploration

plant image

Fascination with Plant Growth

During my grade 8 and 9 years, I found myself intrigued by the wonders of plant growth and the vital role of soil in supporting this natural process. My curiosity wasn't just theoretical; it was a hands-on exploration into the world of botany.

Manual Pollination and Plant Care

One of my most memorable experiences was manually pollinating squash plants using Q-tips. This task, while simple, was a profound lesson in the intricacies of plant reproduction and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Observing the pollination process and the subsequent growth of the plants was a practical demonstration of biology at work. It was fascinating to see how, with the right conditions, plants thrive almost effortlessly.

Understanding and Appreciation

Even though I didn't pursue formal studies in botany or horticulture, the experience left a lasting impact on my understanding of the natural world. It's remarkable to realize that plants, given the right environment and care, have the innate ability to sprout and grow. This simple yet profound truth about nature has always amazed me and fostered a deep respect for the natural processes that sustain life on our planet.

Ongoing Fascination

My early explorations in soil and plant science continue to influence my perspective on environmental issues and sustainability. The lessons learned during those formative years have instilled in me the importance of maintaining ecological balance and respecting the natural world. As I continue my journey in other fields, the insights gained from my experiences with plants and soil remain an integral part of my worldview, reminding me of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Drama and Performance

Role in an Epic Drama

In the past two years, I embraced the challenge of performing in the drama "Mahabharatha," one of the great Indian epics. I played a pivotal role as the main antagonist, Duryodhana, a character demanding a strong presence and depth of emotion. My portrayal was central to the drama, allowing me to 'own the stage' in a production that featured nearly 100 other pupils. This role was not just about playing a part; it was about bringing a complex, multifaceted character to life, captivating the audience with the character's nuances and motivations.

A South Indian Poet's Tale

More recently, I took on the lead role in "Bhakta Pothana," a play about the revered South Indian poet who translated the Bhagavatam from Sanskrit into Telugu. In this performance, I portrayed Pothana, a character known for his moral values and teachings. This role was a significant shift from my previous performance in "Mahabharatha." It required me to embody the essence of a poet and scholar, displaying the depth of his character and his commitment to moral principles and spiritual teachings.

Acting and Personal Growth

Through these diverse roles, I developed a broad range of acting skills, including the ability to adapt to different characters, emotional expression, and command over the stage. Playing such contrasting roles taught me about the versatility required in acting, the importance of understanding a character's psyche, and the ability to convey complex emotions and ideals to an audience.

Looking Ahead

These experiences in drama have not only been a testament to my passion for performing arts but have also contributed significantly to my personal growth. They have instilled in me a confidence and understanding of the transformative power of theatre. Looking forward, I am eager to explore more opportunities in drama, seeking roles that challenge and enrich me both as an actor and as an individual.

mahabhaarata image

Music and Dance

Continuous Learning and Growth

Since 2017, I have been an active participant in a dance school, immersing myself in the art of dance. This long-term commitment reflects not just my passion for dance but also my dedication to continual learning and improvement. Styles and Performances: Over the years, I have explored various dance styles, each adding a new dimension to my repertoire. The numerous performances I've been part of, both solo and in groups, have not only honed my technical skills but also enhanced my expressiveness and stage presence.

Musical Exploration Since 2019

I began playing the tabla in 2019, an instrument that resonates with rhythmic complexity and cultural depth. Learning the tabla has been a journey of connecting with traditional music, understanding rhythm patterns, and mastering hand coordination and timing. Performances and Collaborations: My tabla journey has been marked by various performances, where I've had the opportunity to collaborate with other musicians, showcasing my skills and contributing to diverse musical compositions.

Singing With The Soul

Alongside playing the tabla, I have been singing bhajans since 2019. Bhajans, with their devotional and soulful melodies, have allowed me to explore the spiritual and emotional aspects of music. Community and Spirituality: My experience with singing bhajans extends beyond musical expression; it's a practice that deepens my connection with my community and spiritual heritage.

Artistic Identity and Aspirations

Artistic Identity and Aspirations

Baseball and Badminton

From Childhood to Present

Baseball has been more than a sport to me; it's been a constant companion since my childhood. This enduring passion for baseball reflects not only my love for the game but also my commitment to continuous improvement and teamwork. Role and Evolution: Over the years, I have played various positions on the baseball field, adapting and excelling in different roles. Each position taught me unique aspects of the game, from strategic thinking to physical agility and teamwork.

Embracing a New Challenge

Alongside baseball, I have also taken up badminton. This sport, contrasting greatly with baseball in terms of pace and style, has been a refreshing and challenging addition to my athletic pursuits. Growth and Skills: Badminton has enhanced my agility, reaction time, and precision. The sport demands quick reflexes and strategic play, skills that I have been keen to develop and refine.

Diverse Athletic Experiences

My involvement in both baseball and badminton offers a unique blend of team-based and individual sports experiences. This combination has enriched my understanding of sportsmanship, discipline, and the importance of both collaborative and independent skill sets. Learning and Adapting: Transitioning between a team sport and an individual sport has taught me adaptability, the value of diverse skill sets, and the importance of maintaining a balanced approach to sports and fitness.

Looking Ahead with a Sporting Spirit

My journey in sports has been incredibly rewarding, shaping not just my physical abilities but also my personal character. Baseball and badminton have instilled in me qualities of perseverance, strategic thinking, and the joy of both personal achievement and team success. As I continue to engage in these sports, I look forward to further developing my skills, facing new challenges, and embracing the lifelong lessons they offer.